About Us


Founded in 2012 by a diverse group of technology industry veterans, Citta set out to completely rethink the fundamental elements of peoples daily interactions with computers and software. In 2015, Citta will introduce the world to its first product and a totally new vision for productivity software.


The name Citta is the Sanskrit word for awareness and mindfulness. These two ideas drive the development of our software and services, focusing on the way in which users actually think, act and communicate.


Citta was formed with one goal: revolutionize computing. Technology is changing, but too many critical applications and tools today are stuck in the past. Our challenge is to replace cumbersome and complex productivity solutions with products and services that are characterized by streamlined simplicity, new form-factor compatibility and enhanced collaboration.

Executive Management Team

Edwin Gnichtel


Edwin "Ned" Gnichtel is a 20 year technology industry veteran whose broad experience, ranging from software engineer to CTO, has taken him from the smallest startups to the largest software companies in the world. With deep experience in operating systems internals, cloud infrastructure and security analysis, Ned is responsible for the architecture and operations of Citta's services infrastructure.

Abu Moniruzzaman


With two decades of experience in founding and successfully leading technology companies, Abu Moniruzzaman ‚Äčis responsible for the comprehensive execution of Citta's software and services strategies. In addition to his extensive management career, Abu has a considerable background in technology and is a published author and subject matter expert in the field of relational database technologies.

Sai Prakash


With 16 years of experience in technology leadership positions with multi-billion dollar companies, Sai Prakash has remained true to being a hands-on coder with deep technical skills in software architecture and engineering. With a Master's degree in Artificial Intelligence, Sai combines advanced concepts in software design with innovative engineering to lead Citta's development of a new generation of software.


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